Teek Tips

Add a Friend


Tap the 'Add a Friend' icon on the Contacts page. Search for your friend's name, email address or phone number. Select the name from the list then touch 'Add'.

Group Messaging


Search name, select from the list then search another name, select again then tap 'Add'. The ticked names will make a group that you can name.

When already in a chat you can add a friend to make a group by tapping the + at the top of the page.

Send a Message


Teek will suggest a sentence based on the message you have received.

The suggestions will change as you type. Select a sentence to move it into the text box.

Add a Location


Tap the + next to the text box then select 'Add Location'. Search for a location and select. Then tap 'Choose this Location'. Alternatively, tap 'Use Current Location' without searching.

Send a Photo


Tap the + next to the text box then select 'Send Picture'. Choose 'Camera' to take a photo or 'Photo Roll' to open your photo gallery.